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The motto of the Dinosaur Files said it all: "HARD WORK - HEAVY IRON - SUPER STRENGTH!"

If you missed them the first time around, you missed something really special - and something that turned out to be quite a collector's item. The Dinosaur Files was a very special publication - for a very special kind of reader - the kind of reader who trains Dino-style: hard, heavy and serious!

Readers LOVED The Dinosaur Files - and many said it was their all-time favorite training journal. And ever since, Dinos around the world have literally begged me to BRING BACK THE FILES!

And now - in response to overwhelming demand from dinosaurs around the world - THE DINOSAUR FILES ARE BACK - as a quarterly publication, bringing you four big issues per year -- and they're going to be BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!

So let's get down to brass tacks - here's what the new quarterly Dinosaur Files is going to give you:

* A quarterly journal devoted to the art and craft of serious, no-nonsense, Dino-style strength training.

* 36 big pages in each issue, with a heavy card cover to protect the inside pages. (Yes, we're moving up to full-fledged magazine size.)

* Your number one resource for drug-free strength training.

* Detailed strength training programs.

* Original articles that I write solely for The Dinosaur Files. Articles from your fellow Dinosaurs - including plenty of "from the trenches" training advice from cellar-dwellers and garage gorillas around the world.

* Golden Age training advice and old-school training articles you won't find anywhere else - authored by Iron Game legends - with my own special commentary to help tie things together and place the information in context.

* Special articles from guest writers - including some of the top guns in strength and power training, muscle-building, and conditioning.

* Iron Game History. Profiles of the strongest drug-free athletes who ever lived.

* Forgotten exercises - and how to perform them! New exercises you've never seen before - with photos showing exactly how to perform them!

* Training photos from my garage gym - and training photos from garage gyms around the world.

* Dinosaur mind-power. Motivation by the ton!

* Book reviews. Product reviews. New and unique pieces of training equipment - and how to use them.

* Updates on new developments at Dino Headquarters. Jurassic jottings. Mesozoic mail. Letters, workout reports and feedback from your fellow dinosaurs. Photos from readers.

* Result-producing and effective workouts. Real world, common sense, practical training advice.

* Articles written especially for older lifters.

* Diet and nutrition advice. Tips on gaining muscular bodyweight. Special advice for losing unwanted weight while maintaining strength and muscle mass.

* Something for everybody who trains hard and heavy. Powerlifting. Olympic lifting. Strongman training. Grip training. Training tips for wrestlers and martial artists. Special advice for cellar-dwellers and garage gorillas.

* The mental aspects of strength training.

* Special challenges for readers. The Dinosaur Strength and Health League.

* A special bonus with every issue.

And much more!
Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik

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"The Dino Files was, is and will always be the #1 source of truthful training information for all lifters who want to learn lifting and training correctly."

Joe Tarach

"The Dinosaur Files represents the cool, calm voice of old-school iron knowledge in this internet age booming with a cacophony of chrome, fern, and fads. The Files are chock full of solid, hard-hitting, common-sense, old-school advice from trusted iron commentators and Brooks alike, and I feel like I'm having a personal conversation with each due to the accessible print medium. I can now image what it was like to receive Strength and Health or Iron Man magazine in the mail during those "Golden Years of Lifting" thanks to The Dinosaur Files."

Geoffrey Smith, MD
Tucson, AZ

"Put me down for your new quarterly Dinosaur Files! I kept every issue of original The Dinosaur Files and still have them."

Barry Muller

"Glad to hear the Dinosaur Files is coming back. The main benefit for me is MOTIVATION. Believe me, when you are going to be 81 in December and still trying to hit the gym three times a week, you need all the motivation you can get. Look forward to the first issue."

Don McEachren

"The original Dinosaur Files were like taking a common sense training pill every month."

Jon Schultheis

"I can't wait for the new Dinosaur Files. I have all the old ones and I read them all the time. Thanks for keeping us cellar dwellers inspired."

Morgan Davoren

"I enjoyed every issue of BOTH previous runs of Dinosaur Files. I am eagerly awaiting the third!"

Brian DeLong

"I've saved every issue of the Dinosaur Files and still review them. They really got me going in the right direction after a number of years of floundering around with the "California Bodybuilding Baloney ", among other things. My size and strength really took off! New issues on the horizon -- sign me up!"

"Dino Dave" Doering

"I've been a Dino trainer since the beginning -- looking forward to new adventures along with the new book and the new Dino Files! I'm 57 and still pumped! Let's get going!"

Allan Roth

"The Dinosaur Files offered the very best in inspiration, motivation and strength training. It also served to connect many like-minded souls training in back yard, basement and garage gyms the world over. It has been sorely missed as there is nothing else like it out there. So glad to hear of the return of The Dino Files - I can't wait!

Peter Yates

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