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I've always been a Heavy Iron guy, and for many years I was never very interested in bodyweight training. But 7 or 8 years ago, I began experimenting with bodyweight training and bodyweight only workouts, and I developed some exciting NEW DIRECTIONS IN BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE - and suddenly, some very interesting things happened.

I started growing bigger and more muscular than ever before - and this was in my late 40's, after a lifetime of heavy lifting.

Before I knew it, I was growing out of shirts and suits that had fit for many years. My arms, chest, shoulders and back were BIGGER and THICKER at age 48 then they were when I was doing heavy powerlifting in my 20's and 30's.

That shocked me.

It shocked me so much that I put it together into a detailed training course. I called it DINOSAUR BODYWEIGHT TRAINING - and many readers have said that it's the most comprehensive and complete course of bodyweight training ever written.

And now, I've revised, expanded and reformatted the original course - and added some great new photos - and I'm offering it in book form for the very first time. It's a BIG book, too - the little monster measures 8-1/2" x 11" and weighs in at a Dino-sized 200 pages!


An encyclopedia of bodyweight exercises - including exercises for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees - and some exercises that require world-class strength to perform.

Over 50 hard-hitting, step by step training programs - including all-bodyweight programs and programs that combine bodyweight training and weight training.

Detailed instruction to help build strength and muscle - FAST!

It's all there, packaged in an easy to read, 12 Lesson format that will quickly teach you everything you need to know about super-intense, super-effective BODYWEIGHT TRAINING!

Order your copy TODAY and get ready for some serious gains in strength, power and muscular development!

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Yours in strength,
Brooks Kubik


"Got Dinosaur Bodyweight Training last night. Awesome! I cannot believe the volume of information in this course. I don't know that anyone could ever fully exhaust the arsenal of exercises and methods of exercise in this course. I cannot wait to get started!" - Thad Kittleson

"The best work of its kind and essential reading for anyone interested in real health training." - Darren Matthews

"I just received the course, and want to say, 'Great Job!' It's obvious to me that you've poured your heart and soul into creating what is an incredibly comprehensive and detailed -- and motivational -- training resource. I've read other bodyweight training books, but they don't hold a candle to your course. I think what you've done here is unprecedented. It's going to take a good while to go through and digest such a rich haul of material, but I'm really looking forward to it." - Rick Helley

"Your Bodyweight course is top of the line!! A true classic. Please bring it back again for all the people who haven't had the pleasure." - Keith Hamilton

"Dinosaur Bodyweight Training was absolutely incredibly motivating. In fact, I had to fight the urge to go work out after reading only a few pages." - Perry Berthelot

"I've been working through Dinosaur Bodyweight Training, and watched your "Ropes and Rings" DVD last night. Awesome job!"
- Dave Doering

"The course looks great! I can't wait to dig into it. Again, many thanks." - George Hilgendorf

"Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is a masterpiece!"
- David Weiner

"Your new bodyweight course is fantastic!"
- Nigel Stewart

"I ordered Dinosaur Bodyweight Training and have had great results. I have lost 25 pounds of fat and gained lots of muscle. My boss just had to buy me new uniform pants because the pants I had no longer fit my legs. He told me, 'Whatever you're doing, stop it, before you need new shirts.' Too late -- my chest and arms are bulging already. Thank you for the great program." - Anthony Sandbothe, Jr.

"I had heart surgery. At the time of my surgery I weighed 282 pounds (I am 6'4" tall). A friend lent me the Dinosaur Bodyweight course and what a difference it has made. I have four children and a loving wife, and thanks to this life-altering material, I hope to enjoy their company for many years. Six weeks later, I am down to 259 lbs. and am starting to feel like a new man again. My goal is 215 lbs. and unbelievably strong by my next birthday."
- Scott Schultz

"I have a copy of the original Dino Bodyweight Training course. Great course!" - Andrew Rolfe
"I am 38, and only started working some of your methods into my training in the last few years. As the guy that fell on his head during school gymnastics, I feel I am at a much better place physically than I was at 20 and in very good shape athletically." - Andrew Stephen

"I feel lucky to have your bodyweight training course. It is amazing - lots of photos, and a million useful programs. It would be a nice addition for all dinosaur trainees."
- Jose Guttierez

"I use your bodyweight course. I will be 50 next year and the bodyweight exercises soothe the old aches and injuries from many years of heavy lifting. And, as an added bonus I am much more athletic, agile and in better overall condition." - Henrik Moeller

"I have your bodyweight training course (as well as all your other training publications) and I found it very helpful and a good source of information on how to train without any equipment. At the time I traveled a lot for work, and bodyweight training was ideal when away. I still use this course to train whenever I am away from my garage gym.

It was the first one of your courses that I purchased, and like all your stuff is very informative and easy to understand. It is what led me to reading your other stuff and enjoying the dinosaur lifestyle!"
- Alex Biasin

"I got your bodyweight course, and I use many of your exercises in my workouts. At work not long ago, someone mentioned that he was on a program where he had to do 20 pushups. He made it seem like a big deal. I said, 'That's not hard.' And he said, 'Show me.' So I dropped down and did 50 pushups without very much effort. Since I am 75, they were amazed." - Morgan Davoren

"Your bodyweight course is gold. I use them in all of my workouts. My training is a mixture of bodyweight and weights. I believe I have finally found the right mix."
- Frank Tirelli

"There are many bodyweight exercise books out there, but I still consider this one of the best, and a classic." - Gunther Riedel

"I bought Dinosaur Bodyweight Training when it was first published, and I have to say it is one of my favorite courses. The information in the book is priceless because every exercise is outlined in full detail on how to perform them correctly to maximize results.

As in all of your books, you show the reader how to make progress and with Dinosaur Bodyweight Training making progress can be done in many different ways: by doing more repetitions, more sets, harder exercises, and increasing or decreasing the range of motion. The course not only explains every exercise but it comes with 50 different workouts that can all be done at home and with minimal equipment."

- Jesus Nova

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