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The Dinosaur Files Newsletter
- July, 2016 -
The July issue of the Dinosaur Files is another power-packed issue, filled with tons of real-world, no-nonsense training advice; workouts that really work; feedback, tips, ideas and suggestions from your fellow Dinosaurs; and tons and tons of motivation, inspiration and Iron Game history.

Take a look at what's inside the July, 2016 issue!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!
by Brooks Kubik

  • This month's introduction shares a remarkable story about Tommy Kono, the six-time World Champion and two-time Olympic gold medal winner who ranks as one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. It's something I learned during a phone conversation with Tommy Kono, and it's something you won't see anywhere else - and it gives you a direct insight into the mind of a champion.

  • Mesozoic Mail
    by the Dinosaurs

  • A very common question (and the answer) about our Kindle books - memories about Walt's Olympic Gym in Louisville - the legendary Green Mouse (and a story about lifting great, Norb Schemansky) - you don't need much time for a great workout - feedback from a garage gorilla - feedback from Italy - Warning, don't try to do it all!

  • Jurassic Jottings
    by Brooks Kubik

  • The "Back at the Gym" Report - send us your feedback - the cardio craze (and why it's crazy) - did you ever try the Jettison method? - our mailing list and how to join it - speed training for older dinos - a jettison question - a simple tip for dumbbell curls - help us spread the message - leg training for older dinos - first crack at old Strength and Health magazines.

  • An Interview With Peary Rader
    by Brooks Kubik

  • I found a wonderful autobiographical sketch that Peary Rader published back in IronMan back in 1938, and combined it with other resources to create an interview with Peary Rader. Learn what it was like to run a gym and publish a strength training magazine back in the early days of Physical Culture - and get a detailed report on Peary Rader's amazing gains once he discovered the secret of building muscle and might!

  • Seven Exercises That Build Serious Strength And Muscle Mass
    by Brooks Kubik

  • In strength training, exercises are the tools of the trade - and for best results, you want to use the best exercises - and perform them in the most productive and effective manner. Here are seven of my favorites, with detailed instruction on how to perform them.

  • Rediscovering The Squat
    by Allan Roth

  • After 25 years of not squatting, he decided to get serious and start doing them - and this is what happened. (Includes plenty of squatting tips for older Dinos.) If you've been thinking about getting back under the squat bar, this might be just the article you need!

  • The Dinosaur Kitchen
    by Brooks Kubik

  • High-protein, super nutrition, and it iastes delicious - and it takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. I'm no Julia Childs, but I know how to feed a hungry dinosaur.

  • The Power Rack Project
    by Peter Yates

  • Inspired by my articles on power rack training, this Dino launched a heavy-duty power rack program. It worked pretty well, and if you're looking for some serious strength gains, you might want to give it a try! Includes a detailed training program.

  • Complexes For Strength And Conditioning
    by John Grahill

  • Real world tips on how to combine strength training and conditioning, using simple tools and no-nonsense training methods.

  • Answers To Your Training Questions
    by Brooks Kubik

  • How to combine dino-style strength training with bicycling workouts.

  • Back Issues Of The Dinosaur Files
    by Brooks Kubik

  • A complete list of back issues of the new monthly Dinosaur Files, with links to purchase them in PDF and Kindle editions.

  • The Wrap-Up
    by Brooks Kubik

  • Some final thoughts about the benefits of life-long strength training. Are the Iron Pills' the Fountain of Youth, as Bob Hoffman believed? I think they are - and I'll tell you why!

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