Brooks Kubiks' Dinosaur Training!
The Dinosaur Files Newsletter
- May-June, 2016 -
We're combining the May and June issues of the Dinosaur Files into a special, extra big issue, with tons of great articles, workouts and training tips. Take a look at the Table of Contents for the May-June issue:

Hail to the Dinosaurs!
by Brooks Kubik

  • A call to action, and a message from Peary Rader in one of the earliest issues of the original IronMan magazine. It's still an important message for iron Slingers everywhere!

  • Mesozoic Mail
    by the Dinosaurs

  • Feedback from your fellow Dinosaurs ... news and updates on what they've been doing - how a 72-year old Dino is making great gains and getting stronger after a lifetime of training ... a 62-year old Dino who is making such great progress that his friends think he is taking steroids (but he's not!) ... comments and questions about the Big Changes at Dino Headquarters that we revealed in the May-June issue.

  • Jurassic Jottings
    by Brooks Kubik

  • Strength and Health for sale - Going strong at 79 - a new dumbbell exercise - your thoughts about the Dinosaur Files on Kindle - Tommy Kono - seven super suggestions for the Dinosaur Files - some amazing feats of strength and endurance by John Grimek - an update on Dino Radio with John Wood - straight talk on drugs and super supplements - the old guy in the back of the gym - a report on our new garden - an update on The Iron League - and a report on my new gym.

  • What We Can Learn from America's Strongest Man
    by Brooks Kubik

  • A detailed report on the Strongest man in America and how he trained. And yes, it's a lot like Dinosaur Training. A fast, fun, informative article with 12 tips that you can apply RIGHT NOW in your own training.

  • How to Build Strength and Muscle Fast!
    by Brooks Kubik

  • The true story of how I helped two skinny guys pack on 40 or 50 pounds of muscle F-A-S-T. Features a complete workout and special weight gaining diet.

  • My Summer Training Program
    by Clifford M. Levy., M.D.

  • One of our older Dinos tells us how he combines indoor and outdoor training during the summer - and how he organizes his summer program to make steady gains for the entire season. Includes a terrific program for older Dinos.

  • The Three-One Training System
    by Clifford M. Levy., M.D.

  • Have you ever tried the three-one system? This article details one Dino's experience with it - and includes a power-packed two-day per week and three-day per week training program.

  • The Magic of Solo Training
    by Allan Roth

  • Enter the inner world of an Iron Warrior - and see what real strength training is all about. This article isn't about sets and reps, but it's one of the most important articles you'll ever read - and you'll enjoy the link between Allan's martial arts training and his strength training.

  • Your 30-Day Challenge by Brooks Kubik

  • 30-day challenges are al the rage now, but this one is different - and it can improve your training enormously. Are you up for it?

  • The Importance of Strength by Steve Woolsey

  • When you grow up in a world where strength is important, you tend to view things differently than most people. Here's one Dino's perspective on the importance of strength.

  • The Dinosaur Kitchen by Brooks Kubik

  • Step-by- step instruction on how to prepare a power-packed breakfast fit for a king - or a T-Rex - faster than you can say “What's cooking?” See how we get it done at Dino Headquarters.

  • How to Combine Bodybuilding and Strength Training by Brooks Kubik

  • Readers often ask how to combine strength training with bodybuilding - and this article tells you how to do it. Includes a hard-hitting, three day per week training program that will build tons of strength and muscle. A little different, but very Dino.

  • Book Review: Old But Strong by Brooks Kubik

  • A book review of a great new book by longtime Dino, Ian Duckett. Learn how an older Iron Warrior and World champion gets it done.

  • The Wrap-Up
    by Brooks Kubik

  • Final thoughts, and a thank you to the Dino Nation!

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    Daily Strength Tips
    from Brooks Kubik: