Gray Hair and Black Iron



“If you want to add years to your weight training career then this book will truly be an eye opener.”
–William F. Hinbern

If you’re a serious lifter over the age of 40, then pay close attention – because I’m going to tell you about a brand-new, one-of-a-kind book written exclusively for the older lifter.

Note that I said “older lifter.”

Emphasis on “lifter.”

Meaning it’s a book for men and women who train with barbells and dumbbells and other heavy stuff. Lifters who are dedicated, passionate and committed to the pursuit of excellence.

Lifters who are deadly serious about their training, and who prove it by doing the serious exercises – the BIG movements — exercises like squats, front squats, bench presses, barbell bent-over rowing, deadlifts, Trap Bar deadlifts, standing presses, push presses, power cleans, power snatches, and jerks. Lifters who finish every workout covered in chalk and sweat – and who’ve been doing it that way for a long time.

Lifters who want to keep on squatting, pushing and pulling for many years to come – and who aren’t about to let something like “getting older” stand in their way.


This is NOT a book about “fitness over 40.” It’s not about working out on chrome-plated exercise machines at the local old folks home.

It’s not about two-pound dumbbells, slow-motion workouts, resistance-band training with “geriatric level” resistance, rocking chair workouts, seated calisthenics or tai chi for old duffers.

This is a book about serious strength training for older lifters – and it’s intended ONLY for those who have been training hard and heavy for pretty much their whole life – and who love training-and who want to keep hitting the iron for as long as they possibly can.


The title of the new book is GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON – and it’s one of those books where the title says it all.

Because it’s written for lifters who grew up training on black iron barbells and dumbbells – who are now noticing a little gray in their hair – or a lot of gray – or who don’t have much hair any more – but who still want to go out and lift that heavy iron.


GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON is the only book on the market that covers serious strength training for older lifters. No other book, manual or training course gives older lifters as much ready to use, no-nonsense, practical advice as GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON.

GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON will teach you:

How to build strength and power at any age
How to protect your joints
How to maintain athletic fitness
How to preserve your vitality
How to increase your energy
How to train for life-long health and fitness
How to build and maintain muscle mass
How to stay lean and hard
How to avoid overtraining
How to train with maximum efficiency
How to design age-appropriate strength training programs
How to combine cardio training and strength training
How to get great results at any age

Workouts are the nuts and bolts of serious training – and GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON is loaded with them – in fact, it contains not 10 – not 20 – not 30 – but over 50 detailed workouts designed exclusively for older lifters. And every single workout is designed to work for lifters who train at home, in garage gyms, backyard iron pits or iron mines down in their basement. (Of course, if you train at a commercial gym, you can use the same programs just as easily!)


I’m 52-years old, and I’ve been training since I was 9-years old. That means that I know plenty about strength training, and plenty about the challenges faced by an older lifter. At age 52, I know and understand things I didn’t know and understand at age 30 – or even at age 40 — or age 45. GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON is the end-result of more than 52 years of living – and more than 43 years of physical training. It contains a lifetime of training experience – experience that you can use RIGHT NOW to train better, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.


I wrote GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON to provide concise, condensed and effective instruction on strength training and muscle building for men and women over the age of 40.

Peary Rader, the founder of Iron Man magazine, and the magazine’s editor for 50 years, used to call the over-40 trainee “the forgotten man.” He used the term because virtually all of the articles published over the past 100 years in the “muscle magazines” have been aimed at teenagers and young men. If you think about it, Peary was right.

Consider the following. What are the two most popular topics for articles in the muscle magazines?

The first is how to gain massive amounts of muscular bodyweight as quickly as possible.

The second is the even more popular article about building big arms in record time.

Those are fine for the younger guys – the scrawny toothpicks who are desperate to pack on some serious muscle mass – but they don’t speak to those of us who have labored long years in the Iron Mines and who are plenty big already.

Nor does it speak to those of us who work long hours at our job – who support our families and who struggle with issues like how to pay the bills or how to put the kids through college – who have limited time and energy for training – and who are more interested in how to train for lifelong strength and health than in how to gain 30 pounds of muscle in six weeks.

GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON is an effort to even the score – to write something of value for older trainees – and to do it in a short, simple, easy to follow format.


GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON is also an effort to speak to yet another group of forgotten lifters: the garage gorillas and cellar dwellers of the world, who toil in anonymity in home gyms featuring plenty of black iron and not much else. The modern muscle media doesn’t have much to say to these men – and may not even know that they exist. But they’re there – and they’re the backbone of the Iron Game. Always have been, and always will be. They’re my heroes. And I wrote this book for them.


Can a single book add 10 – 20 -30 or even 40 more years to your lifting career? GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON may do exactly that! We won’t know for sure for another 30 or 40 years – but anything that helps older lifters preserve and protect their joints, maintain their mobility and athleticism, avoid overtraining and reduce the risk of injuries may very well help you to keep lifting for a very long time – and if you’re like me, that means the information in the book is literally priceless. And at $34.95 plus shipping, that makes GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON the bargain of the year.


If you’re still not convinced, then ask yourself a question. Ask yourself how serious you are about your lifting. Decide for yourself, right here and right now, whether you’re the kind of lifter GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON was written for. If you’re not, that’s fine. No hard feelings. I said at the beginning that GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON was written for a very small, very elite group of men and women. It’s not mass-market stuff, and it’s not for everyone. It’s for deeply committed, deeply serious Iron Warriors – warriors who’ve been battling the iron for a very long time – and who intend to keep on fighting the fight for many years to come. So if that’s NOT who you are, don’t order the book.

But if you ARE one of the rare breed – one of the Iron Game elite – one of the small number of men and women who have been lifting hard and heavy for as long as you can remember — then do yourself a big favor – hit the ORDER button and reserve your copy of GRAY HAIR AND BLACK IRON right now! Because the sooner you’re holding it in your hands, the sooner you’ll be on your way to the best and most effective workouts that you or any other older lifter ever imagined.

Thanks for reading – and if you place an order, as I hope you will, thanks for your vote of confidence – and thanks for helping to support serious, sane, sensible strength training for older lifters.