Q & A


1. How long have you been in business?

We’ve been selling Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development
and other Dinosaur Training products since March, 1996, and have filled tens of
thousands of orders for the loyal army of devoted Dino-Maniacs.

2. How long have you been processing on-line orders?

We originally operated exclusively through mail orders, and began taking on-line
orders in December 2005. We’ve processed thousands of on-line orders.

3. How can I contact you if I have a question about one of your products or about my order?

You can reach us by email or snail mail.


Please be sure to include your full name and mailing address so we can research the status of your order if necessary.

We will answer all questions concerning orders within 24 hours – and will try to reply sooner.


Brooks Kubik Enterprises, Inc.

P.O. Box 4426

Louisville, Kentucky 40204

4. How long will it take before you ship my order?

We ship all orders within 24 hours. The only exception is an order that arrives on
Saturday evening, a federal Holiday or the evening before a federal holiday. (Of course,
if we run a pre-publication special for a book or other product, we can’t fill the order
until we receive the finished product from our printer or other product supplier. But
as soon as we receive the book, we fill the orders as fast as possible – even if it
means shipping several hundred in the first day.)

5. Do you take orders by regular mail?

Absolutely! We were in the 100% mail order business from 1996 through 2005, and ALL of our orders were through the mail.

6. Do you accept personal checks?

We accept personal checks from banks in the USA. We cannot accept personal checks drawn on foreign banks.

7. Can I order by mail and send cash?

If you order by mail, please send a check or money order. Do NOT send cash. We have had several instances where a customer sent cash through the mail and the money “disappeared” in transit. If you send cash, you do so at your own risk.

8. Do you accept money orders?

Yes. All money orders should be payable in U.S. dollars.

9. If I send a check or money order, who should I make it to?

Make your check or money order payable to “Brooks Kubik Enterprises, Inc.”

10. What information should I include so you can process a mail order?

If you prefer to place an order by mail, please include:

1. Your full name
2. Your complete mailing address
3. Your telephone number
4. Your email address

5. A complete list of the products you are ordering

6. How you heard about us


IMPORTANT – Please contact us by email BEFORE placing an order through the mail so that you can get a correct quote for shipping and handling.

11. If I place an order through the mail, how do I know what to include for shipping and handling?

You may contact us by email BEFORE placing an order through the mail so that you can get a correct quote for shipping and handling.

12. Do you answer training questions?

We’d love to be able to give personal answers to training questions from customers,
but we’re just not able to do so. Running the Dinosaur Training business is very time consuming,
and we need to be able to focus on creating products for you and on filling your orders.
However, we welcome training questions from our customers, and I try to answer the most common
questions in my daily emails, in training articles, or in posts on the Dinosaur Training Blog.

13. If I order a gift for someone for a birthday present or Christmas gift, would you autograph it?

Absolutely! Just be sure to include a request in the “Special Instructions” section of the on-line order form – or send an email with your request.

14. I’m ordering a book for someone who is a member of the Armed Forces. Would you autograph it?

Of course! We are proud to treat military orders as special orders – and are happy to include a special note or to autograph a book if it is going to a man or woman in the Armed Forces. If you’d like special treatment for a military order, please let us know by including your request in the “Special Instructions” section of the on-line order form – or send an email with your request.

15. How can I send you feedback about your products?

It’s your choice of email or snail mail. Whichever you choose, we love to hear from you!

16. Can I place an order by phone or fax?

At the present time, we’re not set up to take orders by phone or fax. We’re going to install a dedicated phone line in the near future.

17. How do you ship your products?

We ship all orders by United States mail, with delivery confirmation for all domestic orders, and appropriate customs forms for overseas orders.

18. What does “domestic shipping” mean on the shipping and handling options for your on-line order system?

Domestic shipping is ONLY for orders that will be shipped to an address in the USA or to an APO address.

If your order will be shipped outside the USA, use one of the international shipping options. These will be displayed in the drop-down box when you place your order.

Please note that if you use domestic shipping for an international order, we reserve the right to charge your card the difference between international shipping and domestic (USA) shipping.

19. I noticed that you ran a pre-publication special for your most recent book. How does that work?

I’ve run pre-publication specials for most of my books, and will continue to do so in the future. Readers who order a book during a pre-publication special receive a special bonus, which varies from book to book.

I launch the pre-publication special after the manuscript has been formatted and sent to my printer, and my printer has given me a firm date for delivery of the first printing. It usually takes about four weeks before I receive the books.

As soon as I receive the shipment of books, I go ahead and fill all orders as fast as possible, in the order in which they were received. We’ve been doing this long enough that we can fill a large number of orders very quickly.

20. If I need a book shipped by overnight delivery, can you do it?

Yes, but we’ll need to charge extra to cover the added shipping cost. If you need overnight delivery, please contact us by email before placing your order.

21. How can I give you special delivery instructions?

Use the “special instructions” section on your on-line order form.

22. Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

We also accept orders through the mail, if you prefer to pay by check or money order.

23. Do you accept payments by PayPal?

We are going to upgrade to accept payments through PayPal in the very near future.

24. Do you take purchase orders?

Yes, we’re happy to accept purchase orders.

25. Do you ship to APO addresses?

We are happy to ship to APO addresses. Many of our most devoted dino-maniacs are service members.

We ship to APO addresses through United States mail, so the shipping and handling charges are the same as a domestic order for the same product or products.

26. Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Absolutely. That’s one reason we ship by United States mail. They have no problem delivering to a P.O. box.

27. I tried to place an order, but my credit card was declined. What should I do?

Our credit card processing system will decline a card for various reasons,
including insufficient funds, certain foreign orders, or any order where you make a mistake
in keying in your name, address or card number. And every once in a while, a perfectly
valid card with correct information keyed in is declined – don’t ask me why, it’s always a mystery.

In any event – if your card is declined, you will receive an
electronic notice advising you of the fact. Please note that if
you receive such a notice, your card has NOT been charged and no
payment has been made for your order.

If this happens, please do NOT continue to try to place your order. Instead, send us an email and we will try to complete your order for you. We usually are able to do this without difficulty.

28. How do I know if my order has been processed?

You will receive an electronic notification when your order is processed.

If for any reason you don’t receive such a notice, check in your spam folders.

29. I keyed my order in too quickly, and entered the wrong street address/city/state/country, etc. What should I do?

Send us an email as soon as possible and we’ll correct the problem at our end.

30. My boyfriend (or husband) wants one of your products for his Birthday. But I’m not sure exactly what he wants – can you help me?

Yes – just shoot us an email and we’ll help you work it out.

31. My boyfriend (or husband) wants a Dinosaur Training T-shirt (or sweatshirt) for Christmas. I’m not sure what size to order. Can you help me?

Sure – just shoot us an email and we’ll help you sort it out.

32. My boyfriend proposed to me after I ordered several of your products to surprise him on Valentine’s Day. What should I do?

You’re in good company – this has happened several times since we started the Dinosaur business back in 1996. Our advice is – follow your heart!

33. My girlfriend ordered several Dinosaur Training products for my Birthday. What should I do?

Marry the girl – she’s a keeper!

34. I ordered one of your books, but I want to return it. What should I do?

I’m sorry, but we do not accept any refunds, exchanges or returns unless there is a malfunction of some sort, such as a DVD that does not play.

35. How long will it take before my Dinosaur training product gets to me.

We ship all orders within 24 hours (other than pre-publication specials, as noted above).

Domestic shipping usually takes 3-4 business days.

Shipping for international orders may take up to 10-14 days.

36. Do your DVDs play in overseas DVD players?


37. My Dinosaur Training DVD doesn’t play. What should I do?

We try very hard to check all DVD’s before shipping them, so it SHOULD work. Please try playing it on several machines, just to be sure the problem is with the DVD rather than with your player. If your DVD does not work in several different players, please contact us by email IMMEDIATELY.

Under our refund policy, you have seven days from the date you received your DVD to notify us of a defective disk. We cannot make any exchanges after the seven day notification period has passed.

38. My order arrived, but it was the wrong book. What should I do?

We make every effort to ship you the product(s) you ordered, but every so often mistakes will happen.

If you receive the wrong product, please notify us immediately and we’ll take care of the problem for you.

39. Was question no. 32 for real?

Absolutely. Several couples even invited me to the wedding!

40. How can I unsubscribe from your daily email tips?

There’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each daily email. Just click the button and you will be removed from the system.

If you prefer, send an email asking to be taken off the list and we’ll handle it from this end.

41. Do you ever share my contact information with anyone else?

Absolutely not. All of our customer contact information is confidential. We don’t share it with anyone else.

42. Why do you ask for snail mail addresses when people sign up for your daily emails tips?

It’s a back-up system that allows me to reach folks by snail-mail if necessary.

43. I need a new training program and I’ve written you several times asking for one. Why won’t you answer me?

I’m sorry, but I’m far too busy to answer every email I receive – and I certainly can’t write individual training programs for everyone. My books, courses and DVD’s give you hundreds of different training programs, and plenty of advice on how to write a program of your own. Start there – you’ll find the answers to your training questions.