“Good work, Brooks. You’re helping people understand what strength training is all about.”

Clyde Emrich
Strength Coach
Chicago Bears
Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for bringing the old-time methods back to life, and cutting through all the modern-day junk. I have greatly improved my strength and endurance in six short months.”

Philip Ameris
6th degree blackbelt
Taekwondo Master
New Kensington, PA

“Our team average squat went up over 100 pounds per man. I reached a PR 800-pound squat in competition (drug-free), at 242-lbs. Just wanted to say thank you.

Dave Campbell
Strength Coach
Georgetown College
Georgetown, KY

“I received the first issue of Dinosaur Files and think it’s terrific. Keep up the good work. The boys here really hate the thought of me finding new ways to torture them!

Aaron Hillmann
Strength Coach
University of Connecticut
Hartford, CT

“I am a high school football coach. We have been rather successful during the 90’s, but your book, Dinosaur Training, really challenged my thinking on strength training for my student/athletes.”

Jon Schultheis
Strength Coach
Keansburg, NJ

“Thank you for writing the book that revolutionized my training to points of no return. I read Dinosaur Training in one sitting and haven’t been the same since. Since then I have taken in some punishing and wonderful training sessions. My strength is climbing every week. Barbells, barrels, stones, and car pushing make life good.”

Gino Giles

“Dinosaur Training has rekindled my enthusiasm for hard training. I enjoy and look forward to each training session. Your book supplies me with major motivation. I browse through it at least four times a week. Sensible, no bull, and an emphasis on hard training–just what we need! Thank you for giving us something to hang our hats on.”

Pat Creighton

“Your book is great and inspirational!”

Thomas Q. McIntyre

“I am writing to thank you for the inspiration you have given both myself and my brother. After reading your book and the works of Doug Hepburn we are now training with renewed intensity…Sandbag carrying, keg lifting and farmer’s walking are kicking our butts…”

Pete Nickless

“Training serious is something that comes from deep within oneself… Your book helped me figure that out.”

Chad St. Clair

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Dinosaur Training is one of the best training books I have ever read.”

Jeremy Frisch

“I read Dinosaur Training around this time last year…Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve gained 25 pounds and a ton of strength in the past year.”

Richard Gargon

“Just thought I would drop a note to you regarding how much I appreciate your diligence in bringing back honesty to the Iron game… Once again, thank you for being a positive voice, inspiration, mentor and most importantly, A FELLOW DINOSAUR!”

Michael Hooker “Dinosaur Training is the only book I use. I follow it religiously… I have never found so much good advice in one book before.”

Chris Harris

“Thank you for putting out the best publication out there.”

Chris Gekker

“I cherish the soreness that comes from Real World Training!”

Troy Terrillion

“Very nice, Brooks – very nice indeed!”

Mike Rinaldi

“Great book!! I couldn’t put it down. I wish I had found this book long ago – I’ve already recommended it to some of my training partners. Thanks for writing a no-nonsense book for REAL men.”

Brian Cass

“You’ve been a tremendous inspiration. Keep up the great work.”

Leonard Szymanski

“The manual is excellent and I will be putting it to good use.”

Andrew Stone

“You are an inspiration to so many!”

Fred Lord

“I’m your No. 1 fan in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. At 59 years of age, I feel great, even after being exhausted by my lifting sessions. Don’t let anyone fool you. Age doesn’t mean anything. You have to keep at it.”

George Kalishevich

“More good news. I have lost another 10 lbs in the last month doing it 100% the Dino way.”

Law Enforcement Officer
(name withheld by request)

“Dinosaur Training is my favorite book on strength training of all I have ever read (and as a physical therapist, athletic trainer, CSCS and registered exercise physiologist, I have read many).”

Shon Grosse

“First of all I want to say that your book Dinosaur Training was a breath of fresh air to me. I love your attitude about lifting and about life. After reading your book I began Dinosaur training along with the 6 week 20 rep squat program. My body weight went from 323lbs. to 342lbs. and I never felt better or been stronger. I added almost 40lbs. to every max in only 6 weeks. I finished squatting 455 x 20! I never imagined I could do that. I played arena football for the Louisville Fire last year and I wish I knew about you then. Thank you again for everything you have done to the world of real men and true weight training.”

Jake “Ragnar” Johnson

“I have incorporated your ideas on the one hand deadlift and the two finger deadlift that I read about in your Milo articles, and am eager for more information.”

Thomas O’Donnell

“You are doing a fine job.”

Howard Havener

“Keep up the good work!”

Bob Hauge

“My training partners and I would like to say thanks for your book, Dinosaur Training… Keep up the good work! There are plenty of us that want this type of training.”

Richard Garrett

“I’d like to say how much I enjoyed the book. I found it to be inspiring and a great read. I was disappointed when I got to the end.”

David Hamilton

“Loved Dinosaur Training!”

Ken Toth

“I really enjoy your articles on abbreviated training… I am now on a program of standing presses and deadlifts for 5 x 5, and making much better progress! Thanks.”

Jay Setser

“My dad is a 48-year old lifter that just started a few months ago. He has known of my lifting pursuits for some time and he recently caught the “bug.” I let him read my copy of Dinosaur Training and several of your articles, and he devoured them. You have become his favorite author.”

Robin Kartchner

“I received your dumbbell training video in this afternoon’s mail and couldn’t wait to watch it. When I finished watching it and I had to drop you a note telling you what a GREAT JOB you did with it!

I was so fired up after watching it that I ran down to my basement gym at 11:30 PM and hoisted a few myself (dumbbells, that is). They weren’t quite as hefty as the ones in the video but they were up there for me. Again, good job on an A+ video!”

“I received video no. 2 (Bags, Barrels, and Beyond) and watched it that night! Holy buckets, that was fun! Great stuff, and GREAT lifting. Some very good ideas on incorporating this type of lifting with groups of athletes.

The Dinosaur strength-endurance circuit you mentioned at the end of the tape was excellent. I have utilized versions of that training over the years and have found it to be very effective…Again, thanks for the video. LOVED IT!”

Paul Young
Strength Coach
Black Hills State University

“I give your Olympic lifting video an enthusiastic two thumbs up.”

Greg Pickett

Batavia, Ohio

“The BAGS, BARRELS AND BEYOND video was excellent. Very motivating. Well done!”

Murray Deeps

“Just a note of appreciation for your second video. Enjoyed it thoroughly, and it is a great motivator…”

Oscar F. Hills, M.D.

“Thanks again for the information and the inspiration! It’s like a well of water in the desert of strength training information available out there.”

Joe Mardesi

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Dinosaur Training is one of the best training books I have ever read. For a long time I thought I was alone in my beliefs of sensible training, and then one day I came across your book and found that there are people out there like me. Thanks to some of the training principles in your book I have made leaps and bounds in terms of strength and size.”

Jeremy Frisch

“Just recently I have read your book Dinosaur Training. It was inspirational and extremely well written. It has inspired me to train at a higher intensity level, but rationally. Being a United States Marine, I am no stranger to “intense, harsh training … I just have two questions, where are all my training partners? And, can you point me to the power rack?”

Chris Pennington

“I am reading Dinosaur Training for the third time right now. The book is great. Thanks for the ideas.

I’m not sure how many people your book has affected, but it has really helped my training, and the way I look at training is much more positive and productive than before.”

Larry Hodges

“I finished your book, Dinosaur Training, and was excited to finally find some common sense in a book on training. It is nice to see someone advocate hard work and ass-kicking brutal routines and training sessions.

I’m really sick of the quick fix and six day a week roid routines that fill the popular magazines.”

Michael McMahan